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Mediatalo Opiskelupaikka Oy connects prospective students to their dream education and employment after graduation. We help young people in their career and educational choices through personal counselling personally and online. Opiskelupaikka was founded 2008 but our parent company has operated in the Finnish education sector since 1975.

We work through personal networks, personal study counselling, our own magazine and effective use of internet and social media. Opiskelupaikka is a part of leading Finnish university prep-course provider. Together we can reach 60 000 students every month and in 2009 we helped 6 200 to find suitable education.

Universities, organizations and companies can use our expertise when contacting young Finns. This part of our operations is marketing and communication consulting and training. We help professional organizations both in the field of education and business to intensify their marketing towards students. This allows us to create bridges so that our students can find fast track to employment after graduation. In short we can help you to find people who’ll find your services interesting. profile and visitors

This website, , contains all the necessary information that a person needs when thinking about future career and education. We have divided this site to following sections: Application, Study counselling, Work and Training, Student life, International, Education, and Blogs.

Our average user is an under 25-year-old young woman who has completed vocational school or upper secondary school. She searches options to move on to university or to working life in Finland or internationally.

Over the half of our visitors work full-time, part-time or are taking part in a training programme.

•   15–24 -year-old - 67 %
•   24–44 -year-old - 20 %
•   Over 45 -year-old - 10 %
•   94 % is searching information about the further studies
•   51 % is interested in work life

Source: SPOT Profile Research, Interquest Oy 2009


If you are interested in working with us or need help with education sector in Finland please contact:

Mr. Antti Kasanen
Development Manager, Co-founder
+358 40 580 1680 

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